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Here come the month of May….
It’s a double celebration week as it’s my beluved Mum’s birthday and also Mother’s Day as well!
I guess each year, this is the Month that my siblings and I will crack our head to find a place to gather.

Believe it or not…
On the day itself, I had made like 4-5 places reservations…
But none of it made in the option…
My mum wanted to go for Thai food….
Mum will always be mum… they would say… “Up to you all, I’m ok with everything…”

However, we didn’t choose it at first due to my brother already treat her few days ago…
But mum would want to go there again…
So… Khun Thai it is!

Welcome to Khun Thai

Located at Teluk Kumbar…
Took us around 30 minutes or lesser….
It’s pretty inner part and surprisingly…  crowded as well.
The interior of the place really like huts  and cozy just that surrounded by  mosquitoes due to it’s just next to the seaside.

Luckily enough after 5-10 minutes wait… we managed to get a table and settled down.
We made our orders and it didn’t take them too long to serve us (or maybe we were busy taking pictures so didn’t bother about the timing)

Here our dishes:

Seafood Tomyum

Seriously, I can’t really take tom yum (due to grumpy tummy)…
But I took this the most and nearly order for another pot…
It’s not too spicy (despite the colour full of fire) the taste of it, well… as a Penangite …”si pek kaw!” :P
The seafood in it pretty fresh as well, tangy I would say?

Stir fried Brocolli

My BIL ordered the stir fried Brocolli…
Well, I’m not a big fan of Brocolli but this blends well with the squids and the carrots maybe just a bit too cooked as the Brocolli bit soft.

Well, if we didn’t order this dish…
It’s like we did not complete the course of  Thai cuisine…

Claypot Glass Noodle with Crab

Claypot Glass Noodle with CRABS!
Well, the crabs were pretty small (maybe that’s the reason why it could fit into the pot?)
The taste was ok  just the black sauce they too generous with it became pretty salty in the end.

My eldest sister ordered the pandan chicken….

Pandan Chicken

Chicken texture tender and soft… mild juicy as well.
Well, least so far the pandan chicken I tasted, this is one pretty good one as the others pretty dried up.
This is good to try out.

Som Tam

Don’t let the look deceive you…
It’s not only tasty but the sourness blends in well with the spiciness as well…
Well, not that spicy… that’s tomato if anyone thought it’s chilli.

Last dish… Omelet…


What can go wrong with Mr.Egg right?

It’s a good place with fine environment….
However, due to over crowded and rain…
We were been irritated by a family who were waiting for our table….
Pity my lil sister have to like swallow her food instead of chew.

Sometimes… do please allow some room for those people who are still eating ok….
If they are just chatting… you may stand in front of them and give a mean look… but please, not during when people are eating.. and yet blocking the airway for the lil’baby.
Wonder do they have common sense.

$ – RM 180

Price Range:  RM 2 – RM (depends on the seafood KG)
Good For : Seaview Thai Food,  different of environment, fast serving.
Bad For : Mosquitoes, over crowded.
Vote: 4/5

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